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Dental Implants in Pattaya

If you are looking for a better way to replace your missing tooth, you may consider a dental implant in Pattaya. Implant is a kind of fixed dentures with precision attachment to the jawbone beneath an empty space. It’s similar to the reconstruction of the tooth since it duplicates the original tooth and its root. Aesthetic and natural qualities are prominent features because both the tooth and root are designed to imitate the originals. Chewing ability is close to natural teeth because chewing force is transmitted to the jawbones directly. Implant dentures are durable and do not damage existing teeth and gums.

Disadvantages are that after dental implants it takes about 1-4 months to wait for the surrounding bones and the implants to stick together well before wearing dentures, and the cost is higher than other kinds. Some types of diabetes, former facial radiotherapy and some chronic health problems may have bad effects in the attachment of the implant.

Therefore, implant dentures are not for everyone. Implant dentures are suitable for those who can take care of oral hygiene and have no chronic health problems such as diabetes, or bone problems. You are recommended to consult with your dentist before making a decision. Come and visit one of our implant centres in Pattaya Thailand, we’ll give you a piece of advice.

Selecting the most suitable types of dentures depends on many factors such as tooth and gum conditions, number of missing teeth, individual satisfaction and prices. Wearers should maintain regular oral care. A floss threader should be used with dental bridges. Removable partial dentures and complete dentures should be removed to clean after each meal. At night, dentures should also be removed and brushed.

When it is not in use, dentures may be stored in water with denture cleaners to keep them clean. Do not soak dentures in hot water since it ruins the shape. Do not wear dentures overnight to prevent cavity, periodontal disease, and accidentally swallowing them.

Implant Process

  • Surgical placement of a fixture (implant) made from Titanium in the shape of the natural root is done into the jawbone. The Titanium bolt can grow together with the jawbone without any rejection or irritating the gum tissue.
  • After the surgery, a period of approximately 4 to 6 months is needed to let the fixture heals into the jawbone. Then an abutment is attached to the fixture to support a crown.
  • A crown made of porcelain in the same shape and colour of the patient’s natural tooth is attached to the abutment.