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Dentures in Pattaya

Dentures are artificial teeth that replace missing teeth to improve quality of life and chewing ability as well as to create a beautiful and confident smile.

Benefits of dentures

  • Help improve personality and confidence in case a person has lost his/her front teeth
  • Help improve chewing ability to reduce the stomach’s work
  • Help prevent the drifting of existing teeth and fill out the empty space to prevent imbalance occlusion

Types of dentures

Fixed partial dentures

Fixed partial dentures are irremovable. Wearers cannot take dentures out to clean since they are permanently attached to existing teeth next to the empty space. Advantages are that fixed partial dentures do not move or loosen while speaking or chewing which create more confidence and comfort to wearers. Fixed partial dentures are highly effective since the chewing force is directly transmitted to the adjacent natural teeth. However, disadvantages of fixed dentures are that part of existing natural teeth must be removed or the teeth must be reduced into smaller sizes to be the core of dentures.

This may cause damage to natural teeth in the future. Besides, special oral hygiene is required since dentures cannot be taken out to clean. Fixed dentures are suitable when 1-2 teeth are missing per an empty space and the nearby teeth are in good condition (no severe cavity or periodontal disease). Wearers should be able to manage their oral hygiene well.

Removable partial dentures

Removable partial dentures are a set of replacement teeth that can be taken out of the mouth to clean. There are both temporary plastic base and permanent metal base. Easy to clean is an advantage of removable dentures. The process of making dentures is uncomplicated and inexpensive when compared with other kinds.

The rather large size of removable dentures may cause inconvenience while speaking or chewing. Its chewing ability is less effective than other types of dentures because most chewing force is at the gum where dentures are attached. And removable partial dentures do not resist the chewing force as good as natural teeth. Another disadvantage is aesthetic feature. Removable dentures have metal clasps that hold with natural teeth and they are loosening over time.

Removable dentures are used when many natural teeth are missing or wearers do not have enough existing teeth left to attach fixed dentures and when their existing teeth have had severe cavities or periodontal disease. Removable dentures are also suitable for a person who cannot maintain oral hygiene properly. Removable dentures are easy to clean and do not affect natural teeth much.

Complete dentures

Complete dentures are used when all teeth are missing.