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Crowns in Pattaya

Crowns are a kind of dental restoration to teeth which are damaged, broken or have received root canal treatment. Dentists will place a dental crown made of different materials over the damaged tooth to restore its original shape and make it work effectively.

Types of crowns

  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal dental crown (PFM)
  • All porcelain dental crown
  • All metal dental crown (gold dental crown)

PFM and all porcelain crowns have colours that reflect natural teeth. Usually PFM crown is recommended for molars, which perform a main task in chewing, while all-porcelain crown is used for front teeth due to its very natural appearance. All-metal dental crown is the most durable material because it rarely chips or breaks.


  • To protect and strengthen the broken or decayed tooth or tooth that has received root canal treatment
  • To prevent tooth cavity
  • Help the tooth maintain its position and function
  • Help preserve severely decayed tooth or cover and support the tooth with a large filling in titanium implants